Yoga practice

I have started finding yoga studios on my travels. I am going to post the studios where I have practiced on this page.

At home… I have started going to Yoga Bliss but plan to explore in Birmingham as well.


Empty studio


Working on my side angle pose.



bala yogaBala Yoga, Kirkland,WA

studio dcThe Studio DC, Washington, DC (Workshop with Chrissy Carter)


three dog yogaThree Dog Yoga in Santa Rosa, CA. After a wonderful Sunday am class with Anna.  The studio was full and the class left me centered and at peace.  I rented a Jade mat for class.  I really love it and plan on purchasing one when I get home.

Cumberland River CompactTim Miller weekend

I didn’t anticipate visiting another workshop this soon but I saw that my friend Leo was attending a weekend with Tim Miller in Nashville. The workshop was held at the Cumberland River Compact and hosted by Steadfast and True Yoga Studio.  This was my first experience with the 2nd series of Ashtanga Yoga (am session). The afternoon was a session on pranayama  and the art of breathing.  Quite a wonderful day.

This morning I went to an Ashtanga class at Yoga Circle Inverness in Birmingham. I plan to visit the studio again.  I enjoyed the class.



Back in California for another visit. This time I am in Sacramento and practiced at Yoga Shala.  It was a lovely vinyasa class on Tuesday evening.  I will also be returning to Three Dog Yoga in Santa Rosa.

be your beautiful selfyoga shala







In December I began studying with Kim Drye, CYT,  HereNowYoga.  She is in Birmingham and teaches at a number of studios as well as gives private yoga instruction.  I have also been to The Yoga Circle in downtown Birmingham.

This past weekend I went to Vancouver, B.C. for a conference.  There are so many choices for yoga in Vancouver but I found Exhale, not too far from where I20150109_201926 stayed.  I scheduled a candlelight yin yoga class for Friday evening.  It was the perfect way to end the day.   The studio was just sold and will change names to Dharma Yoga Centre in February.  The studio itself is tucked in behind some shops and up a flight of stairs.  It’s a lovely space and Jolene was a wonderful teacher.

Yesterday (Jan 18) I went to Villager Yoga  for the first time.  I met Melissa Scott first and learned about her yoga teacher training.  Then I went to Restore and Rest for 2 hours with Suzanne Graham.  This session is the practice of yoga nidra or yoga sleep. It is deeply relaxing and restorative.  I will go back for more.

20150530_081023This past weekend (May 29-31) I went to Nashville for a Yin Yoga Intensive Immersion.  The training was held at the wonderful studio pictured above. Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit is indeed a sanctuary.  I loved the yoga rooms and the space in the studio to sit between sessions.  They offer quite a few workshops so I am sure that I will return.

I finally made it to Birmingham Yoga yesterday (June 7).  I attended a workshop on chakras given by Bliss Wood.  The workshop and practice that accompanied it were very informative.

Birmingham Yoga

Birmingham Yoga

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