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I am a runner

I am a runner.   That has been my athletic identity since high school.  Running didn’t require any flying objects, no deep water, nothing complicated.  It just required a decent pair of running shoes and a place to run.  I … Continue reading

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Maybe we need front porches: Conversations and reflections on the Red Boot Coalition

One of the things I remember about growing up is our front porch. I frequently sat out there with my dad – two lawn chairs, side by side, watching the world go by. But we didn’t just watch, we talked … Continue reading

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Missing puzzle pieces: Alignment and breathing

Swimmers know that the streamline position is fundamental. So is breathing.  I have known this but everything seemed to click after my return from California.  Sam and I have worked hard on improving my stroke for months – extending, leading … Continue reading

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The knee: just a brief update

Just a brief note to say that my knee is better. My run today was so much better than on Tuesday.  (My first mile was 6 minutes faster than Tuesday – as I said, Tuesday was the worst run I … Continue reading

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Foggy goggles: nothing new on race day

It’s good that I have coaches who have pounded this message into my head: “nothing new on race day.”  On Monday I tried my race day goggles. There was nothing but fog.  There could be several reasons for that, but … Continue reading

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Sometimes there are challenges – keep on trying

Actually, there are often challenges. Last week I tripped and I fell while I was walking across campus.  This presented a challenge for running.  I must have hit my knee just right because it really hurt for a few days. … Continue reading

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Capital of Dreams: Just jump

I had one main reason to return to Capital of Dreams this year – to jump off the boat. Initially I was going back to Raleigh this weekend but when I cancelled that race because I was sick all winter, … Continue reading

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