Week 4 – Some days…

I’m half way through my challenge with Sam.   Week 4 was a little rough.  Between the beginning of the year events and not feeling well, it was not quite the week I hoped for.  It wasn’t awful though.

Week 4 was more about self-care than anything else.  I rarely take a day off but I did last week.  I slept a good bit of the day before a friend stopped by later in the afternoon.   I needed the day.  It’s Labor Day and I have not done much over the weekend.  I had lots of plans but I needed some rest and down time.  Life has been hectic and I have finally learned that it is ok to stop and slow down.

Rain and storms got in my way last week too.  I didn’t get to the pool at all because of my day off one day and a storm the other day I usually swim.  I did get to ride on Friday though.  I also made it to IronTribe.


I tried some new recipes this week and pulled out some old ones.  Cooking works better for me than just having the ingredients.  I just finished up the farro and chickpea soup today.

It wasn’t the best week but it wasn’t the worst week either.  I remained committed to the process even though I slowed down a little.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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