Week 2 – Another week in the books

The second week is always more difficult than the first week when I recommit.  This week was no exception.  It’s been hard for many reasons and I have been exhausted.  I fought through though and am ready to keep going. 

For the record, I logged:

4 workouts at IronTribe

2 swims

2 bike rides, more or less.

It is more difficult than I expected to get back on the bike.  I went out on a Friday ride last week and did ok.  Sunday was a different story.  It was really hot and I am just not acclimated.  I was also having trouble shifting and getting in the right ring.  Part of that was because I needed a new chain and some adjustments which I took care of this week.  I tried again on Friday but I was exhausted.  I knew it wasn’t a day to ride and I turned out to be right.   I dropped off and spent some time riding around the block getting used to shifting my new chain and then came home.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

I took a different approach to cooking this week and it worked pretty well.  Instead of making X number of recipes and eating the same thing all week,  I prepped vegetables and put them in bags and bowls.  Then I just had to grab ingredients and put together meals.  I mixed things up and didn’t eat the same thing every day.  I had a few work related meetings with lunch that made my eating less than perfect but not awful.  It’s all a process and part of life.

I have been challenging myself in the gym.  I’ve done things that I had not previously, like carrying a weight over my head for 100 yards.  I’m enjoying swimming again more than ever.  The best thing is that I am not pressuring myself with a race.  I can just go swim.  I love racing and may do more but for now, I am just enjoying the process.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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