Week 1 – Checking in

Last week I wrote about my meeting with Sam and developing a CATtitude.   What I didn’t mention is that he challenged me to stick with this for 8 weeks.  Here is my week one check-in.


I am a creature of habit.  I like routine.  I have people who give me a really hard time about this but it is true and things work better for me when I have a schedule and when I am prepared.  Last weekend I cooked for the week and I am planning on doing the same thing tonight.  Preparation is a key for me.   If I can just grab containers that are ready to go then I have a far better chance of eating well than if I am trying to figure out what I am going to eat or if I am grabbing something on the go.  This week was pretty successful because I was prepared.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was close.   I strive to eat plant based but I am not always 100% on target with that either.  I have made this choice because I feel better when I eat plant based most of the time and because of all the research I have read about the benefits of a plant based diet (see Forks over Knives or Engine 2 for more information on whole food plant based eating).  The photo shows examples of what I was eating over the past week.

This year I signed up for Snows Bend’s CSA so I receive a box of vegetables every week.  I never know what I am going to get from week to week so it is an adventure in figuring out how to use the various ingredients and an opportunity to try new foods.   I admit I still haven’t figured out what to do with yard long beans though.

Working out

IronTribe has an app that we use to schedule classes.  In July I scheduled and cancelled too often.  This week I scheduled and went.  I admit there were a couple of mornings when the alarm went off and I was tempted to cancel and sleep another hour but I managed to get myself up and get to the gym for 6:15 class.  There were several modifications for my workouts this week but I also made some progress on a few moves.  I still have not mastered pull ups.  I tried though.   I was on the bike this week instead of running.  I may be the only person who likes the bike.

I also swam twice and managed to connect with the Tuscaloosa Cycling Club ride on Friday.  I have been trying to get back on my bike since April or May but had not made it out due to my schedule or weather.  Starting to bike again in July/August in Alabama is a challenge due to the humidity.   Last week I was rained out on the days I hoped to ride but Friday, though there were threats of rain, remained clear enough to ride 16 miles in the afternoon.  I didn’t manage to make it to connect at the start of the route because I was stuck on University Boulevard in move in traffic.   But I connected with the group on Sanders Ferry Road.  It was really good to ride with other people again after a very long time of very few rides.  I am hoping to continue riding a few times a week.

Developing calm

Of course there was also yoga.  I taught a restorative class and I am taking an online class in iRest Yoga Nidra from Dr. Lauren Tober.   This is a deeply restorative practice that I want to learn more about for my own practice and would like to teach at some point.

That’s it for this week.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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