CATattitude: Keep me going

I had a check-in with Sam this week.  This is part of the routine – sit down, check in, assess, re-set.  This summer has been hectic for me.  I bought a house, moved, started a different job, and have been traveling.  I have been out of my routine.  When I have as much change as I have had the past few months, something gets sacrificed.  In July it was my morning workouts.  I just was not getting there.  I was doing some workouts – yoga, swimming, a few IronTribe classes – but not with the consistency that I had been earlier in the spring.

Sam always cuts through any excuses I have.  After seven years of working together,  he knows what to ask me and knows when to push and when to back off.  Overall, he wants to see me succeed.

There are things that have been going well, even on vacation.  I’m back to a fairly consistent whole food plant based diet, but there is room for improvement.  I need to plan and prepare on the weekends to be really successful at any eating plan.

Getting to the gym was not going so well.  I go through periods when I look at the workouts and feel defeated before I even begin.  I know that there are always modifications – but then I get discouraged that there always have to be modifications.  If I let that get to me, then I am not working out consistently.  Even with modifications,  I get a workout and I always feel better when I am done. And I have to remember the rule: don’t look at the workouts.  Just show up and do them.

So, I have a challenge to develop  CATattitude  – consistency, accountability, and tenacity.  When I make up my mind,  these three things just become part of my routine.  I’ve done this before.  I can again.   This is my plan:

Schedule workouts

Prepare food over the weekend for the week.

Track what I am doing.

Don’t give up.

I’ll be blogging more here and on my yoga site as part of accountability.  Look for updates.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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