Sometimes we stop

Life doesn’t always go as planned.  Sometimes we are stopped.

This was the plan:  Go to yoga teacher training on Friday night and learn modifications for sun salutations (that happened).  Go to Global Mala at the Vulcan on Saturday morning and help demo/lead modified sun salutations, hang out with all my yogi friends, take pictures, have fun.  Go to teacher training, give my presentation, practice teach and whatever else was planned.

sun-salsFriday went as planned.  It was really a great evening of learning and practicing ways to modify sun salutations.  We went through several variations/modifications on the floor, from kneeling and with a chair.  There are ways to make this work for anyone.

Saturday morning I got up early.  I was staying with a friend,  didn’t turn the light on to go downstairs, missed a step and went down about 20 stairs head first.  I landed on my face and left arm.  It was shocking and terrifying for me and for her and her husband.  So, no Global Mala for us.  Instead we headed to the emergency room.  I was very fortunate to wind up with only a sprained wrist, bruises and a gash in my lip.  There are more bruises and aches appearing but nothing broke.  It could have been so much worse and I can’t even really think about or write the possibilities.

pancakesWe made two trips to emergency to get everything addressed.  Then we had pancake therapy at IHop because pancakes can cure things.

After some debate, we did head to teacher training for the afternoon.  I wasn’t sure how it would go.  When we arrived I was immediately surrounded by loving friends. It turned out that I didn’t last long though because of the pain.   I am so fortunate in this training to have wonderful friends – and the bonus that many are nurses and PT’s.  The nurses surrounded me, propped me on a massage table and made sure I rested.  Later in the afternoon I called on another friend who is one of my other teachers to come and do a Reiki session.  It was the best thing I could have done, I think, because the Reiki pulled out much of the trauma.  Instead of continuing to visualize falling down the stairs, I had dreams about canceling journals. (Only librarians will understand that is a different kind of trauma.)   The friends  I was staying with took wonderful care of me Saturday evening. I appreciate them so very much.

wristSunday brought some new pains and bruises, as I was expecting but the morning was spent in yoga nidra, one of my favorite practices.  I experienced a deep rest.  In the afternoon I was able to give my presentation on yoga and diabetes and practice teach, which I missed doing on Saturday.  It all went well, I think.

Sometimes I analyze too much.  I’ve thought this weekend about why this happened and why now?  I have been totally exhausted for a few weeks.  I’ve had a trip to the west coast, a lot going on at work, my house sold and I have had many things going on that are associated with moving.  I’ve slept through multiple alarms – very unlike me.  I can sleep through one alarm but rarely do I recall sleeping through multiple alarms.  If a friend had not called me on Friday afternoon, I probably would not have woken up to even get to training on Friday evening.  So my body has been trying to tell me to stop but I have kept going.  Was this a way to make me stop?  I don’t know for sure.  It will though.  I will have to change my routine for a few weeks and figure out how to get moved this week.  I have to cancel a trip I had planned for next week.  I will have to rest to recover from this fall.  I think it was also a message to take better care of myself because I have neglected some basic things lately. I could go over a lot of “if only I had’s…” but that won’t change what happened or do any good  so I will listen to my body and adjust what needs to change.

I didn’t name the people who have surrounded me this weekend, both in Birmingham and from a far.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  I am not neglecting to name you on purpose but decided that I didn’t want to begin naming people and miss someone.  I love all of you for your care and compassion.  Thank you so very much.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Sometimes we stop

  1. Millie, what a rough experience. I’m impressed that you came through that fall without even worse injuries than what you suffered. Thanks for mentioning Reiki as helpful in recovering from a trauma. That’s something for me to think about too. I too have had physical injuries that have made me go, “Wait a minute. What have I been doing to myself?” In our world we get a lot of reinforcement for being on the go all the time, so much so that it’s hard it recognize the signals that we need more breathing room. Your thoughts on that point are important ones! Get well soon.

  2. Lori Moss says:

    I am so sorry to hear this! Thank God you weren’t hurt worse!! I also that God for your good friends helping you out. Take care & prayers for speedy recovery!

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