Wonders of social media: A yoga-versary

Yesterday I received an email reminding me that I began going to Bala Yoga two years ago.  Ah, social media and apps.  We can be reminded of everything.  I am not going to make it Bala Yoga on this trip to Seattle but it made me stop and think about how much has changed since I took the step to walk into a yoga studio again. room for trianglt

Although I had continued a practice on my own, I had not stepped into a studio in years. Michaela Martin was the first teacher I met and she could not have been kinder to someone uninitiated in heated power vinyasa – at 6:15 am.  I had my 15 year old mat with me and slid across the floor because it no longer had any stick left to it. It was quite an hour.  If I had not been treated so kindly I likely never would have returned.  But I did return several times during the next two weeks and have several times over the past two years. I met Pam Chang who became one of my teachers and who I am so grateful to know as well as other teachers.  The experience led me to a new path I never could have imagined. I am grateful.

Of course, the decision to return to the yoga studio has changed my life in so many ways.  I continued to seek out yoga studios and classes when I returned home and as I traveled.  I met my teachers Kim Drye and Melissa Scott (and later Becca Impello).   I met other strong inspiring women in studios around the country – Chrissy Carter, Jillian Pransky, Anna McLawhorn, and Liz Stewart to name a few.  People have taken a chance on me and allowed me to teach in my first year after teacher training – thank you especially to Annie Damsky, Krista Young, and Anna McLawhorn.  I have also explored many styles of yoga and have been fortunate enough to train in a number of styles in a short time.


So many opportunities have opened up since I decided to return to yoga.  I am part of a community full of wise, funny, compassionate teachers. I continue to teach restorative yoga.  I am planning new classes and workshops that will be posted this fall and in the coming year.  I can’t predict what will come but I am open and excited to see what will appear.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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