Farm to table: a day of preparation

I generally begin my Saturday mornings at the Tuscaloosa River Market.  The photo shows some of what IMG_2337I found last Saturday.  Vegetables came from a number of farmers (and prepped vega couple of things from the grocery store).   My biggest challenge is not usually buying produce – it’s prepping the produce and cooking.  While I love to cook, sometimes it feels a little too much to prepare everything.  (That small green squash in the middle had already been in the refrigerator at least a week.)   Enter my friend, Mary, who said, “let’s get together and prep food for the week.”  We had a great morning of cutting, roasting and prepping so by Saturday afternoon, the vegetables looked like the second photo.  I have cut up vegetables, spiralized vegetables, and chopped vegetables ready for the week.  I have no excuse not to eat well this week.

At home I took a selection of vegetables, a can of kidney beans since I didn’t have black beans, and some vegetable stock and made soup for the week.

I know that I have written about this topic on a number of occasions but prepping food really is a key, in my opinion, to being able to eat well.  I am avoiding wrisoupting “eat right” because there is not one right way to eat.  I believe that there are foods/ingredients to avoid but there are times when that is difficult.   I prefer a plant based diet but I know there are times when I may not be able to eat exactly as I prefer.  I do the best that I can on any given day.   Today I have my soup, part of a leftover salad and some fruit.  All in all I am happy with the outcome.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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