Now let yoga begin… layers of training

At the beginning of March I began another 200 hour teacher training.  Logically I shoIMG_0577uld be in a 300 hour training to get to the 500 hour level, but this training called my name for many reasons. (No, 200+200 does not necessarily equal 400 in yoga teacher training.)  One is that it is being co-led by my teacher Kim Drye.    Becca Impello, the other teacher for the training who is also a physical therapist, played a pretty big role in my selection of the training as well. Another reason is that it is alignment and therapeutic based. My first 200 hour training was wonderful and I have sweet friends who are a joy in my life.  This training, however, takes me back to where I began and what I love about yoga.  Along with my restorative training,  this is home for me.

I keep trying to write about the five day immersion but I have not been able to put the training into blog words yet.  This training is something that I am already embodying  in my practice and teaching though.  It is not easily explained at this point.  The training is deeply rooted in anatomy and philosophy so there is much to learn and absorb.

IMG_0940There are multiple layers of training and work that I am integrating and absorbing right now. The weekend before this training began I wrapped a 90 day program with Terri Heiman, I re-engaged with my Reiki practice as well as strengthened my meditation practice through my work with Terri.  I found my work with her to be an excellent bridge between my two 200 hour yoga teacher trainings.  In February I spent two days with Jillian Pransky in New York learning more about Restorative Yoga.  I took much away from the training but one thing that I am continuing to think about is the role of language in teaching yoga and working with students.

I have also been engaged with a wonderful group of creative women in a Heroine’s Journey led by Saundra Goldman.  I first met Saundra virtually through the Tracking Wonder Quest group and then met her in person when I was in Austin earlier this year. The Heroine’s Journey has been a wonderful exploration of creativity lived, lost and rediscovered.  It meshes with the other work I have been doing along the way.

During the fIMG_0955ive day immersion, I stayed with Cathy Parrill in her Airbnb room.  Like Saundra, Cathy is a fellow Quester.  I enjoyed our conversations about books, writing and our projects.   Her cats made me miss my own cat and I think partially led to adopting the two who will come to me soon.  I am looking forward to more conversations and possible collaborations in the future.

I have a lot to think about and it is already almost time for another weekend of yoga teacher training.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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