Graceful movement: Yoga in the Library

Today 30 souls gathered in the library at lunchtime to practice yoga.  It was a beautiful thing to see and experience.  I was honored to lead the practice.  Those who gathered were seasoned practitioners as well as some who had never stepped on a yoga mat before.

teaching yoga Gorgas

The session was part of UA Body Appreciation Week and the WellBama program.  Being part of this kind of effort is what I hoped for when I began my MA in Health Studies in 2011.  It’s just taken a while to make it happen.  Several people commented that they would like more sessions and that they enjoyed taking time in the middle of the day for a time to breathe and move.  I’m already working on plans for more sessions, probably later this spring.  Stay tuned.

Taking time out to breathe, rest, and relax is important for our well being.  Our lives often feel like, or actually are, one long meeting.  We have commitments, projects, deadlines and we sometimes forget that it really is important and ok to take time to stop and breathe. One of my objectives when I teach is to offer ways that everyone can practice.  I have limitations that I am aware of and I know there are movements I can’t or won’t do.  Headstands are not worth the risk to me since I have had cataract surgery. (One doesn’t cause the other but I feel intense pressure in my eyes when I invert into a headstand – not worth it to me.)  I have students in my other classes who have had surgeries or are recovering from a surgery so I offer them options to move in different ways.  My goal is for people to feel comfortable enough to take care of themselves in practice.  Yoga is not meant to be a competition.  It is a practice with many parts and aspects.  I am grateful to share the practice with those who come to my classes and with those I study with as well.

Thanks to Leo Lo for the photograph from today.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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  1. Jennyruley says:

    You are simply amazing!



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