Days like this: Self care

I had a three day weekend due to MLK day.  It’s been restful and low key.  Last night I attended the Realizing the Dream concert for the first time since coming to UA.  Often I am out of town this weekend at a Midwinter Conference and have missed it.   The concert featured Jonathan Butler, South African R&B, Jazz and Gospel musician.  It was a lively and wonderful evening of music and celebration.

This morning I ventured out to IronTribe for an 8:30 class (instead of 6:15 – the alarm went off and I rescheduled).  I spent the rest of the day at home, taking time to do things that I enjoy most – restorative yoga, writing, cooking, reading and painting.  It was a lovely day and reminds me how important it is to take a break. Constant work is not healthy and it really isn’t productive.  I worked all the time for many years and paid for it with poor health and feeling like I was never getting enough done even though I was always working.  We need the space to step away from work and take time to care for ourselves.  Work will be there.  As one of my former colleagues liked to say, in our profession “there is no body on the table”  so nothing is really urgent.

I discovered a new recipe website called The Garden Grazer so I tried Black Bean Lentil Tacos.  They were quick and good.  I went back to one of my favorite sites, Cathy Fisher’s Straight Up Food.   I tried the Beefless Stew and made a Quinoa salad that I have made a few times in the past.  I also made oatmeal in the crock pot.  So I am set for the week for meals.

beefless stew tacos


This was the rest of my day:

Restorative yogarestorative


Some coloring and paintingcolor

and my continuous practice writing. day 22 All in all a very good day.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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