On the horizon: Looking at the future, being present

I began this post a few weeks ago during the midst of #Quest2016. It was based on the synthesis for the week’s prompts.  But I didn’t get it finished in all the holiday and end of semester flurry.  So, here I am still considering the horizon in the new year.  It seems appropriate and I have different things to say now than I did a few weeks ago.

The prompt

Jeffrey invited us to consider a geographic  horizon as we synthesized our writing for the week.  What do we see when we gaze out? What future is there? I considered going to the lake or river for this exercise.  Water is my favorite horizon for gazing and dreaming.  If I had received the prompt a day earlier I probably would have headed to a a park in Birmingham to complete the writing.  But it was Sunday and I was home, spending the day around the house.  I have a large picture window and smaller windows across the back of my house.  That is where I most often gaze out and think as I write.  I went out onto the porch and sat in my chair, watching the clouds move across the sky.

On that Sunday afternoon the clouds were really amazing.  The photos do not begin to do them justice and the way in which they were moving.  I’m looking for the near future in the horizon, thinking about what is coming.  The questions focused on 2016 and were: What am I making or creating that is making a difference? Who am I relating to, and how, in a different way?

In the second week of 2016 I am thinking a bit differently than I was a few weeks ago.  I am already feeling re-energized at work, something I have not felt for a very long time. I still do not quite know what that means or what it will bring in the coming year.

In December I joined a group called continuous practice.  The idea is to commit to something for 100 days. I committed to writing and am already on day 15.  I write for 20 minutes a day and I am seeing the practice help me formulate ideas and plans. I met Saundra Goldman, who began the group, while I was in Austin last week.    It’s so wonderful to meet other creative women.

Yoga continues though I have changed where I teach.  I have a very nice core group who show up three times a week.  There are many who come and go as well or can only come once in a while.  Everyone is welcome.  It’s a lovely group and I feel fortunate.

I am trying not to overcommit this year.  For a while I considered training for a half ironman again this year but I decided that my main objective right now is health.  At some point this year I will do another race but I am not sure which one or when.  Right now I am concentrating on Iron Tribe and on yoga.  I’m learning the moves at Iron Tribe and slowly increasing the amount of weight I can lift.  Now if I can just learn how to jump rope….

That is my horizon for the moment.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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3 Responses to On the horizon: Looking at the future, being present

  1. Continuous practice sounds interesting. Is that an online group or a group that meets up physically somewhere? There’s a new group of creative people just started up locally with the idea of meeting regularly to chat, work on individual projects, perhaps help each other learn something new. I’m hoping to join them sometimes, but they are mostly young, newly-arrived expats with a strong creative drive and time on their hands, whereas I’m none of those things. The one thing I could do with more of is drive, creative or not, so I’m do intend to go along soon when I’m not bogged down in deadlines.

    Iron Tribe sounds pretty intense and ‘macho’, until you mention jumping rope (or skipping as we Brits would call it). It’s probably similar to something I do called Gladiator; another tough male-sounding exercise routine. We also had skipping included yesterday, with 2 circuits of 4 groups of 4 exercises, the last of which at each station was cardio. Apart from getting confused about the order of exercises every time, when it came to the skipping, I’m not too bad, but every so often the coordination goes and the ‘rope’ (more like plastic washing line) stops turning. If it’s near enough to the end of the time, I just jump on the spot. It’s really only about the jumping, I reckon.

    Have a wonderful year and good luck with not over-committing!

    • Thanks for the note. Continuous practice is an online group. It is a forum to acknowledge one another’s efforts at continuous practice without comment. Iron Tribe is like cross fit.

      • I practice continuous practice and continuous backsliding. It all ends up to pretty much standing still (unless attempting a yoga pose on one leg; that’s more of a wobble). Though the Gladiator = Iron Tribe = cross fit helps with that as my leg muscles get stronger. 🙂

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