Tell myself: #Quest2016

On Tuesday morning I began a month long journey with a group of business artists, writers,and  creators called #Quest2016.  Led by Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder, this journey provides prompts from visionaries to lead us into 2016.  Every few days we receive a prompt to consider, write about,  discuss with one another.  The first was from Susan Piver who asked us what we need to tell ourselves most for 2016?

I considered the prompt when it was posted on Tuesday morning and ruminated over it as I left Sonoma County for the airport.   I thought further about it on the airplane ba2015-04-21 08.45.09ck to Alabama.  I need to tell myself three things.

Stay grounded 

Monday evening I stood on the edge of my mat in a yoga studio, following as Anna guided us in mountain.  It’s more than just standing.  It’s finding balance. It’s more than a balanced standing pose.  It’s finding balance in life.  It is a foundation.

As I find mountain pose, I remind myself to stay grounded.  It’s been quite a year with many unexpected turns and twists.  I am finding my way.  I need to continue to know that I am the one who understands my dreams and passions – that I do not have to own other people’s ambitions or views for my life.  I have a supportive community to help me with my true dreams. This morning my Facebook memories revealed that a year ago this week I was interviewing for a job that I wanted very much.  I did not get it.  It wasn’t my calling or my journey.  I could still be in California, interviewing again for another job but I realized a few weeks ago that the jobs I have been seeking over the past year are not my dream or vision for my life. They are what someone else thinks I should be, something that looks successful to other people but does not feel successful to me.  So I will work on staying grounded in 2016 in the calling I feel for my life, following the path that I am on.

Remember the ease2015-11-26 14.43.01

On this California trip, much more so than any of my trips  over the past 18 months, I felt a sense of ease.  There was a flow and a rhythm to this trip that felt right.  I spent time with good friends, new and old, I practiced yoga and taught a yoga class, I walked the in the Redwoods and by the ocean.  Things fell together as they were meant to.  I had wonderful conversations with people and laughed a lot. There was time to read, write, and just be.  I was at ease.  Fellow quester Denise Ransome wrote about not getting caught up in the swirling that goes on in daily life.  When things swirl, I will remember the ease I felt this week.

Connect my heart

I live in my head much of the time.   I am an academic by day.  I have been feeling a connection with my body more as I have become more active over the past five years and as I have processed the changes in my body through improving my health and becoming an athlete.  Returning to my yoga practice  has extended my ability to connect with my body. But my heart is often not fully engaged – it is protected.  I need to engage and connect my heart more with what I am truly passionate about, what excites me, what means the most to me.  This may be what I need to tell myself the most for 2016.

So there are the three things I need to tell myself.  I am looking forward to this month of quests and to the year ahead.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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