Month 7: Mindful and mind full

Sorry for the silence for a month.  I’ve been over here blogging and working on developing this site.  It is also the beginning of the semester and the end of another fiscal year so it is my busy time.

I can’t believe it is already month 7 – or to more exact, that I just finished month 7 of yoga teacher training.  In March this point looked so far away.  September featured mindful eating and living, more work on adjustments and a discussion about the business aspects of yoga.

Fun with adjustments 

11951442_10206243320894664_6895335138796399867_oWe have11864787_10206243312494454_7146492739318678656_o fun working on adjustments, but know they are serious.  Adjusting can be a tricky issue because you have to make sure that students don’t feel like you are saying they are wrong.  Adjustments are meant to help people get into better alignment or to help them get deeper into a pose.  Sometimes they are just a touch or a short massage, which always feels good.  And we need to be sensitive to people who don’t want to be touched at all.

Mindfulness and eating 

Emilie Maynor, one of my favorite people, was our guest teacher this month.  She led us in a lovely vinyasa class and then talked about mindfulness, mindful eating and led us through an exercise.  One of the first workshops that I took at Villager Yoga was Emilie’s yoga of eating workshop.  It was really interesting and touched on several of the same topics that she talked about on Saturday.  2015-09-12 10.49.11

Much of what Emilie talked about centered on awareness. How aware am I when I eat? How often do I just sit at my desk and eat lunch?  (way too often) It’s always good to be reminded of this.

Emilie’s work is one of my inspirations.  She teaches and coaches through her business, Emilie Maynor Living, and also teaches yoga around the Birmingham area.  Check out her classes, series like 40 days to free and workshops at Villager Yoga.


On Sunday talked about business. legal issues and other matters that most of us don’t think about on a regular basis. There are lots of issues to consider, depending on what one plans to do after teacher training.  Business accounts, licenses, LLC, Sole Proprietor, contractor, etc, etc.  We are fortunate to have a lawyer in our group who helped demystify a few things. We also have members who run other kinds of businesses and had tips and things to consider.  There are so many things to think about.

Teaching again 

The weekend wrapped up with teaching for 45 minutes to partners.  On Saturday we went to the park and taught in pairs.  I was not feeling well and being out in the sun, even though it was not hot, felt like the last thing I wanted to do.  I felt much better after being outside and practicing though.  It was an interesting experience because we had dogs, children and other people around us the whole time.  I had a dauchshound come to my mat and investigate.  On Sunday we stayed in the studio.  It feels like such an accomplishment to put together a 45 minute class. (see note above – the months have flown!) I really enjoyed both teaching sessions this weekend.


We left the weekend tired, but flying high on what we have learned, how far we have come, and what everyone is already doing. I’m looking forward to next month.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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