Month 6: What happens in yoga school….

Well, you know the rest, …stays in yoga school.  There are things that just can’t be translated and other things that just are not for blogging.  You have to have the experience of being with a group who has bonded in an incredible way in order to understand.

There are some things that can be shared and that I really want to share about the experience this past weekend.  It was one of the best so far but we do keep saying that every month.  This weekend, however, really was outstanding.

A few of the highlights included an afternoon of Improv games and having my other yoga teacher, Kim Drye, with us on Sunday morning for an alignment based practice.

Yes, and….

On Saturday afternoon Pierce came and led us through Improv games. Pierce works and performs with Positively Funny in Birmingham. It took me back to a happy time when I worked with Mary Jane Pories at Fishladder in Grand Rapids and took several improv classes.   I think about the way story works with yoga and health related work all the time but I don’t always think about the work I have done in improv and how it can be beneficial.  Now I will.

2015-08-08 14.50.332015-08-08 15.30.44I

Improv teaches you to listen, pay attention, be present.  What is the other person really saying?  It’s not your interpretation.  That is often the issue – we don’t hear other people because we are too busy thinking about something else or being distracted.  Improv also teaches you that you can talk about anything, like french fries or make-up, and be passionate about what you are saying.  How much more passionate can I be about something I really care deeply about like yoga and health? It was a great afternoon.


Kim Drye was our guest teacher on Sunday morning.  I have been working with Kim since December and really appreciate her so much.  Kim teaches alignment based yoga, which is the lineage I came from.  We have had lots of discussions since I began this training about how CSV and Iyengar y11865128_10155992065835533_146739481_ooga compliment one another and where or how they blend.  The practice was slow and precise as we broke down several poses.  It was special for me to have both of my teachers in the same place.


Meanwhile in Augusta…. 


Gator time

I thought about my other tribe a lot over the weekend.  It was TriCamp weekend in Augusta, Georgia.  I have put triathlon on hold for this year but I still think about everyone and miss seeing my tri friends.  I would have pages and pages if I included all the photos of people I missed from camp.  Here are a couple.   There were also several friends competing at Lake Logan and at the USAT Nationals over the weekend. (Dionne – I can’t find your photo!)


Carrie and Katie










I probably have  more about the weekend.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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