Clearing clutter: the mental kind

I’ve been cleaning again, as some of you know.  Part of my cleaning was to clear some more items out of my closet and drawers that either didn’t fit, I never wore, or that were worn out.  I managed to clear out two large bags of items that I took to TES and I stored the winter clothes in a tub in my closet.  I’m used the Project 333 method to look at my clothes, what I really wear, and added a few pieces found at a great sale at Talbots to round our my current wardrobe.

This sounds like I have cleared physical clutter, and I have.  But part of this particular project also involved clearing out some mental clutter.  The fact is that I still had these items in my closet:


These were the two items left from when I began my weight loss journey five years ago.  They were too small at the time.  I’ve come a long ways since then, even if I have re-gained some weight this year. I thought that I was holding on to them to remind me of my progress but as I looked at these two items, plus one more t-shirt that I had kept, I found that I felt the message was I might need them again.  I never plan on wearing that pair of jeans or that t-shirt again.  So I finally let them go and let go of a fear of returning to the horribly unhealthy state I was in when I wore them.  I am not claiming that I won’t feel that fear again because I am human.

For perspective here is a photo of the gray t-shirt with a current shirt over top:

20150726_072826 (2)

I think my story is important and that remembering how far I have come is also important. What I have realized is that I can’t and don’t need to dwell of what I used to be. I am no longer that person. My hope is that I will continue in my current healthier lifestyle for many years to come and that I can continue to learn and help others through my current practices.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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