Sanctuary: Another weekend of Yin Yoga Immersion


Liz beginning the weekend.

This past weekend I attended another Yin Yoga Intensive Immersion.  This workshop was led by Liz Stewart at Sanctuary for Yoga, Body & Spirit in Nashville.  Liz is a wonderful and generous teacher and the studio felt like a haven.  (Fellow yoga teachers – Sanctuary has lots of great teacher training available.)

Kirsti in cat tail pose

Kirsti in cat tail pose

There were sixteen yoga teachers in the training and I feel like I made some long time friends over the weekend.  The yoga community is truly amazing.  We all bring a different perspective to the mat and to teaching.    There was great variety in teaching backgrounds that provided for lively discussions. I learn so much from my fellow yogis.

While the basic topics were the same as the workshop I attended in Seattle, I gained quite a bit from the weekend. We dove deeper in discussions about meridians and energy.  We also analyzed poses from a different perspective that really helped to reinforce the benefits and contraindications for each pose.  We meditated and practiced three times. I also had the opportunity to teach for 30 minutes and to be taught by one of my classmates.   Liz performs with the Nashville Symphony so there was a discussion about different kinds of music that work and don’t work so well in classes.

The weekend deepened my desire to teach Yin Yoga and to share the practice with others.  The practice challenges us to remain still and awaken to the present moment. In Yin, “we don’t have to go anywhere: right here, right now – this is life” (Clarke, p. 276).

Beautiful group of Yin Yoga teachers

Beautiful group of Yin Yoga teachers

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