Five years with Sam: What a journey so far

As late May and early June roll around each year I begin to reflect on how far I have come in the past five years. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time then you know the story.  If not, here is the short version.

Five years ago on Memorial Day weekend I ate a Bojangles sausage biscuit.  It was the end of my really horrible eating because I was so ill for the entire weekend, had to cancel a trip to Duke to attend the Summer Institute on Reconciliation and generally felt like I could not sink much lower.  I have never been entirely sure why I was so sick but I think it was my body telling me “enough, it’s time to change.”  My health was horrid even though I had been making attempts to workout and improve things for about a year at that point.  I was not truly committed to change.  Then I met this guy the next week.

2014-05-17 14.36.05


I had no idea how much my life would change.  I didn’t think he would put up with me for long.  But I was totally wrong.  Sam continues to train me, challenge me, put up with me when I change my mind about races.  He has supported me through my injuries and surgery for the Achilles tendon tear. He supports me when I finish a race and when I don’t make it to the finish line. Sam taught me to swim at 50 years old and has helped me get over my fears about the water. He even feeds my crazy cat when I am out of town.  I have been blessed to watch him marry his princess, become a wonderful father, and to advance in his career.  It’s been an amazing five years.  The journey isn’t over yet.

Sam and me 5 years

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Five years with Sam: What a journey so far

  1. BarbRB says:

    You are an inspiration! Keep going!

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