Yoga school: month three bones and breath

I spent this past weekend at yoga school, the new name for teacher training thanks to one of my yoga sister’s little girlIMG_20150516_121528s.  This month the focus was on anatomy. We got to know Steven this weekend, Julie Maharrey’s sidekick and skeleton.  We listened  to information about bones, joints and muscles but we also worked through poses and identified how joints worked and which muscles were being used.  It was a worthwhile weekend.  While we won’t point out ligaments or joints when we are teaching, it is important to have some understanding about how the body works and functions.

We also revisited breathing practice this month.  This month we discussed breath in relation to anatomy and some of the cues we give to make space in the body.  The practice we did helped the cues and breath make more sense.


Practice on Friday and Saturday was much easier for me than it has been.  I was able to move through and do most of the poses without much problem.  I still have work to do on core strength vinyassa but I felt much better than I had the first two months.  What I realized is that I am becoming stronger in different ways.  I am not sure I can explain entirely but there is a difference in the strength it takes to repeatedly do sun salutations or downward dog than the strength it takes to lift weights.

On Sunday morning we practiced with guest teacher Pilar Taylor.  Pilar’s classcomfort zone was difficult but I was able to do more than I anticipated.  As I sat and watched a few times I witnessed the beauty of a room full of yogis moving as one.  Pilar’s sequencing is lovely.  She is truly a gifted teacher.

Melissa often tells us we are stronger than we think.  Pilar reminded us to find something new in a pose that felt familar. She also reminded us that we get into patterns and think that is what we can do but really we can do more. All of this went through my mind as I practiced over the weekend and has as I have been home on my mat.  My body is capable of more than I think it is.   I have already noticed subtle shifts and I know as I continue to practice that I will observe more.  It’s an amazing journey.




About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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