Why farmers markets rock

Earlier this week I was caught without lunch, which is unusual for me.  I had to find something I felt I wanted to eat and that was healthy.  I went to one of my go-to places where I knew I could get a decent salad, minus a few ingredients that they usually put on the salad and asked to be left off.  This salad cost me $13.84.


I enjoyed it as I ate it but I had the thought that I could probably buy a week’s worth of vegentables for about the same amount.  It turned out that I was very close.

Today I ventured to Homegrown Alabama to buy greens.   I bought all of this


for $13.00.  I will eat for several days from this – strawberries, broccoli, Romaine lettuce, kale, and lea11150674_10155597632290492_6968027026896943998_nf lettuce.  And all of this food is home grown by local farmers.

I also had an amazing cup of lavender honeysuckle tea from Teatown Alabama.  I told him how glad I was to see him back because he was out of town last week.  (Thanks to Jennifer Pate for this photo.)


So here are a few reasons why I say farmers markets rock:

  • The food is local and home grown.
  • I get to talk to the people who grew it.  The farmers I am buying from at Homegrown Alabama and at the River Market on Saturday are starting to recognize me. I talked to the man I bought the mustard greens from today and told him about my first experience eating them. (This was something I loved in Grand Rapids.  I watched children grow up over the years that I went to the market there and got to know families who were there every week.)
  • Fresh food tastes better.  These greens and those I have been buying the past few weeks have vibrant tastes and smells (good, by the way) that I don’t experience in most restaurants or from produce bought at the grocery store.
  • It supports the local economy.
  • It’s fun to get outside.
  • I try new foods that I might walk by because I can talk to the people who grow them and who can give me ideas for how I can cook them.

Here is a challenge: if you don’t go to the farmers market then find one near you and go try some fresh vegetables or fruit.  If you already do,  try something new.  I’d love to hear about what you do!

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Why farmers markets rock

  1. BarbRB says:

    Your veggies look delicious and that lavender hibiscus tea sounds yummy! We are excited that the Shoreline Farmers Market is moving closer to us and will have good parking. We love the Ballard FM but parking is crazy.

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