Caught the bug: Fitness challenge

how farWhen I told Sam that I was ready to register for a race again, his response was, “you caught the bug.”  Yes, I’m back. I have not done much cycling since Augusta and I don’t think I have run a total of 3 miles, if that.  I have done a fair amount of swimming, some weight work and started my yoga journey.  I’m choosing my races carefully this year – not a crazy year of lots of racing – just a few to keep me going.  I had already committed to the swim leg of Augusta in September.  I’ve only added a few more events and they are all for fun.  In June I signed up for a fun swim in San Francisco Bay.   It’s actually inside a dock area so I won’t be out in the Bay this time.  In July I will ride the Hot Hundred and I am attempting the 103 miles this year – at least that is the goal.  And in August I am registered for the Rocketman Aquabike.  I’m still really not certain about running again but that may come back. I won’t rule out running but I am not registering for anything that requires it right now.

The fitness challenge part of the title comes from the 30 for 30 fitness challenge I joined this week  This is the 5th  year that Hilary Phelps has issued her Genuine Joy 30 for 30 Fitness Challenge – 30 workouts for 30 consecutive days.  I need to get back to that kind of routine so it came at a perfect time.  I created a page (see the link on the top) to track my workouts this month.  I also need to eat better.  I have been decent but not great.

specializedbikeOne of the things that makes me really happy is that I have cycled 43 miles so far this week.  For lots of reasons I haven’t had much time to get out on my bike for months.  It has been really good to be back out on the road.  It will take me a few weeks to get back up to the pace I was at last summer but I already see improvement.

On Monday I was not able to track my ride because my Garmin was dead.  It has been months since I had used it or had tracked any workout.  They are both charged and ready now.  I am back to tracking what I am doing.  I find that does help me see what I have done and to set goals.  It really was good to take a break though.

In addition to cycling I am, of course, practicing yoga at least a short time everyday.  In addition to all the other wonderful benefits of yoga, I am noticing my arms getting stronger.  You can’t do some of these poses over and over and not see your arms not get strong.  I had just never realized it before or thought about it because that is not why I practice.  It’s a nice side benefit though.

I’m looking forward to the challenge this month and tracking my progress.   I’ll be reporting on how it is all going.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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