Link round-up, part 2: Yoga

I wcats and yoga matsill get back to regular posts but I wanted to finish my link round-up this week.  This one will focus on some yoga sites that I find useful as well as where I have practiced and my teachers.

Teachers: Near and far 


I’ve mentioned Kim Drye, who I have been studying with since the fall, but she is well worth further mention.  I am so happy I found  Kim.  Find her here at HereNow Yoga.  Kim teaches classes at Villager Yoga and The Yoga Circle in Birmingham and offers private instruction.  I have taken her classes and work with her privately.  I find her thoughtful and a caring and careful teacher.  She offers great follow up to sessions.  Kim teaches Iyengar style yoga, which I studied when I lived in Grand Rapids, so I was especially glad to find her and re-engage with a style of yoga that I love.

Next weekend I begin yoga teacher training with Melissa Scott.  This is a 9 month program that meets one weekend a month.  Find Melissa at Sacred Glow Yoga or MelissaScottYoga  The teacher training will be Vinyasa yoga but with lots of background on yoga teaching and philosophy.  I am excited to begin.


studio dcChrissy Carter  I would love to be on a yoga retreat with Chrissy Carter next week but it was not to be this year.  I met Chrissy last fall when I was in D.C. and happened on a weekend workshop she was offering at Studio D.C.   It was a great morning on the anatomy of the shoulder, practicing downward dog and other poses that made us really think about the shoulder.  I follow Chrissy’s blog posts which are about more than yoga, and her twitter feed where she posts inspiring quotes and thoughts.

Rolf Gates  was in Birmingham two weeks ago and offered a weekend long workshop that was marvelous.  I learned so much about sequencing and about myself and how much I can really push myself (in a good way) to try poses. The way his classes were sequenced helped me move into poses, even for a few seconds, that I did not think I could do yet.  It opened up my perspective on my practice.

Pamela Chang  I took a Yin Yoga workshop with Pam last September.  I will return to take her Yin Yoga Intensive training in April while I am in Seattle.  Pam leads wonderful, restorative classes in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


I have been trekking to Birmingham for classes since the beginning of the year.  I don’t make many but have found these two studios that I really like.  There are a number of studios that offer different styles of yoga in Birmingham and a vibrant yoga community.

Villager Yoga   This is my new yoga home.  Annie Damsky opened the studio located in Mountain Brook/Cahaba Heights two years ago.  There is a focus on yoga for the whole family.  This is where I work with Kim and where my yoga teacher training will take place.  Villager Yoga also sponsored the Rolf Gates weekend I attended a few weeks ago.

The Yoga Circle has two locations in Birmingham – South Side and Inverness.  Don’t rely on Google maps to get you there.   You will get close but you will make wrong turns. It’s not hard to find though if you look at the map.   I’ve taken more classes at the Inverness location.  My favorite class so far is a restorative class on Saturday afternoon with Natalie.  It’s a good 90 minute class.  Despite the name,  it is a vigorous class and the room is heated.

three dog yogaMy two favorite out of state studios are Bala Yoga in Kirkland, Washington and three dog yoga in Santa Rosa, California.  I’ll return to both this spring.  I’m looking forward to mixing up my practice with some of the offerings at both studios.

More …

Inside the Yoga Studio   R. Daniel Walker began the podcast Inside the Yoga Studio at the beginning of the year.  He graduated from Melissa’s teacher training and teaches locally.  The podcast feature Birmingham area yoga teachers and are a great resource.  There are podcasts with Kim, Melissa and Annie available as well as others.  Check them out as well as his schedule of classes of events that you can find at Faith, Love and Yoga.

Finally, I want to mention new friend Emilie Maynor.  Emilie teaches yoga but is also a health coach.  I took a workshop from her that connects yoga and eating that was very interesting.   She offers classes, events, coaches individuals and does corporate work with wellness.  Emilie is delightful.  Check out her site and her work.




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