Laps, cake shots and financial advising: Happy birthday to me

It’s my birthday.  I wrote about turning 55 in the past few weeks so that is no surprise.  For a few weeks I have been thinking about what I would do for my birthday that was a multiple of 55.  I considered 55 miles on my bike but who could have predicted a 70 degree day today?  I also didn’t really have the time to take off to ride 55 miles.  I thought about 5500 in the pool but the farthest I have done is 3300 and not often.  Again, time was a factor with work,  the hours the pools are open and my schedule but I know I could do it with enough time.  Earlier this week I asked Sam for suggestions and told him I was thinking about 55 laps.  After he thought about it and we texted, we decided 55 laps was good.  

So this happened after work.  At first I was going to do 55 lengths – around 1300 yards. Then part way th20150129_190112rough I started having the length v lap debate in my mind.  (Swimmers understand.)  I stopped at the end of the pool and asked one of the lifeguards what time it was and determined that I did have time to swim 55 laps or 110 lengths = 2750 yards.  It felt great.  And strong.

After I wrote the blog about turning 55 one of my cousins wrote me and said to remember that I was younger now than I was 5 years ago.  It’s true.  I am.  My health has vastly improved, even with some slight setbacks over the past few months in my weight.  I am working on changing that. I never ever would have imagined or predicted that I would be swimming 25 yards on my 55th birthday, let alone 2750.  I am quite blessed.

20150129_190038I have also written a little bit about the changes I am making in my diet and I really will write more soon.  Since it is my birthday I wanted some kind of cake so stopped at a bakery on my way home. No cupcakes.  They had these things called cake shots.  They were pretty small so I bought two – one chocolate and one red velvet. It was basically  lump of frosting and some cake.  I am glad it wasn’t bigger because after a month of virtually no sugar in my diet, I just about went over some edge on my way to the pool.  I am also happy they didn’t have cupcakes because that would have really shocked my system.  I want to clarify I am not saying anything against the bakery at all for those of you who can figure out where I stopped.  It’s me.  My body has changed the way it processes sugar – or doesn’t process sugar.  It’s a very good thing and this just reminded me to continue on my path.

The last thing I did today was meet with my financial adviser.  It just happened to fall on my birthday.  It was a good meeting and I am pleased.  Let’s just say I am not going to go anywhere for several years based on the calculations we did this afternoon.

It has been a good day.  I’ve done some things I wanted to do.  No big parties or anything that looked like a big celebration.  I really do celebrate what I can do, however, and how far I have come in many areas of my life.  It is an amazing journey

I feel quite blessed by all the lovely messages I have received today.  Thank you so much to everyone who took time to wish me a happy birthday.  I look forward to this year and many more. IMG_806212408680440

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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