To track or not to track?

Shortly after Augusta 70.3 I lost my Garmin.  I could not find it anywhere and wondered if I had dropped it or if someone had picked it up from my bag. I looked everywhere – in bags, pockets, took everything, including my spare tire. out of the trunk.  It was not to be found.  So I went without tracking time for most of the fall.  I thought about getting another watch but I couldn’t quite make myself spend the money since I was not planning on racing in 2015. One morning when I was pulling stuff out of my swim bag my Garmin appeared.  It had been tucked in a swim sock at the bottom of that bag the whole time.  So I once again had a way to track time.  I have only used it a few times since I found it again.

I tracked everything for several years – workouts, times, what I ate, my weight.  I am a list maker by nature and I usually find tracking helpful.  In triathlon training it was essential to me, so I thought.  I could figure out how much faster I had been from one race to another or how my time improved over a period of time or how much more weight I could lift. It all seemed essential to me. I used a variety of methods – my training journal, excel spread sheets, the Livestrong app, the Training peaks program, MyPlate app and on and on.

I am not saying that tracking is not important.  It can be.  Since I have taken a break, however, I have found that I am still working out but I do not feel as stressed about it. I am not so worried about splits or how much I lifted on a particular day.  I realize that I do not have any major races scheduled for the year either so I am not thinking in a race mode. I do have  a journal for my yoga practice so I can make notes when I am working with Kim or after a class.


I also stopped tracking everything I eat.  Instead I am eating when I am hungry and not eating when I am bored, tired or stressed. I have switched to an almost totally vegan diet.  I am not weighing myself everyday, realizing that my weight fluctuates anyway.  I have lost weight already though.

The break has been good for me. Sam often asks me why I am doing this?  Why am I racing or doing a particular race or worried about one thing or another.  I think that the break has shown me that I am really training and working out,  cooking better food, and establishing healthy habits for me.  I feel better and my health has improved dramatically. Will I track again?  Probably. It’s something I do and it does help in certain situations.  I don’t think I will stress about it though.  It’s a record for me to peruse to see how far I have come and the changes I have made in my life.  If I can use it to help someone else, all the better.  For now,  I will keep my journal about my yoga practice and continue on as I have for the past few months.  I am feeling the joy return to my workouts.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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