Returning to the Pacific Northwest, part 2: Dining in Vancouver

I knew that there were good restaurants in Vancouver but I didn’t realize quite how many there were until planning for my trip this past week.  Since I have recently decided to work on eating a more plant based diet (i.e. vegan), I decided that I needed to do some research before going.  I also had the correct sense that I needed to make reservations, something I do not always think about as I travel.  As I looked for vegan and vegetarian options, I found an amazing number and array of choices. Some were already booked for the time that I was in Vancouver though.  I forgot that my friend Allen Williams lived in Vancouver for a few years. He recommended a few places to me as well, some of which were already on my list.

I had several good meals but there were three that I want to include in this post.

For Friday lunch I made a reservation at Copper Chimney, located a few blocks from the Con20150109_121014vention Center in the Hotel Le Soleil.  This was very convenient and the service was quick.  I had Goan beet salad and a curry lunch special.  Both were good and I enjoyed people watching from the table that overlooked the bar area and the front entrance.


On Saturday I had ate at two places that I really looked forward to.  Both were wonderful in their own ways.

I had considered saving Cafe Medina for Sunday morning but I am glad I made it there for lunch on Saturday instead. This was a longer walk but still not far from the Convention 20150110_134249Center.  As the reviews stated, the lines were long and reached down the block when I arrived.  I put my name on the list and since I was alone,  I was able to be seated within 5 minutes of arriving.  There are advantages to solo dining after all.

This is a breakfast/lunch spot.  I chose waffles and had one wit20150110_134351h a fruit topping and the other one with salted caramel.  Wonderful!  I had read about the milk chocolate lavender mocha so I also tried that instead of just coffee.  It was perfect for a chilly day.  I was not very hungry so these were the perfect choices for a small lunch.

Dinner on Saturday evening was at The Parker, which describes itself as “beautifully vegetarian”  This is a small restaurant and required a cab ride to get there.  The Parker has been recognized not only for the menu, but also because they practice sustainability in all their practices. There were interesting choices on the menu and I would definitely opt for the chef’s tasting menu if I returned.  I asked the waitress to suggest a wine and she gave me a lovely Spanish Red.  For dinner I started with the House Made Gnocchi (Jerusalem Artichokes, carrot and winter squash).  Portions are not huge but everything was fresh excellent.  I opted for another dish and selected the Roast Cauliflower, accompanied by a red pepper pure’e. It, too, was quite good.  I decided that for this meal I would not pass on dessert.  The Coconut Pudding was accompanied by shaved white chocolate, dehydrated apples and pomegranate. It was outstanding and I was glad that I had not passed.

At all three places I appreciated the service and attention that I received as a solo diner.  That is not always the case.

One other place that I want to mention is the Mosaic at the Hyatt Regency, where I stayed.  I ate several meals there.  The food was good and, again, my experience as a solo diner was quite good.  Below are my breakfast choices.  Each morning I was given a table with a nice view overlooking the street.

There are so many excellent choices in Vancouver.  If you go, do your research, make reservations if possible, and enjoy.


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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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