Yoga chronicles: The gift of injury

It’s been a while since I posted.  I’ve been traveling and have been cleaning out my house.  November was busy and December is proving to be as well.  I can’t believe that the semester is over at UA and that we will have a very quiet campus and town for  few weeks.

Both on my travels and at home I have continued to explore yoga studios.   It is relatively easy to find studios as I travel using the mindbody connect app on my phone.  It works really well, gives me schedules, descriptions and directions.

I was back in California the beginning of December. I had the good fortune of visiting two studios – one in Sacramento and I returned to Three Dog Yoga in Santa Rosa for a lovely restorative class. I have felt welcomed at the studios I have been visiting around the country.

Earlier this month I began some private lessons with Kim Drye in Birmingham.  I felt like I needed a few lessons to learn how to accommodate for my knee injuries and arthritis.  I chose well.  Kim teaches Iyengar yoga which I practiced in Grand Rapids. Yesterday Kim said something that I have heard before – sometimes an injury is a gift.  My knee injury has forced me to slow down and become more intentional about my practice and my routine. I have been concentrating on very small movements and adjustments that align my knee correctly. My strength is improving and my ankles and knees are becoming more stable. It will take time but I feel that I will gain much from slowing down.  Over the course of the fall as I have practiced with a number of teachers at studios around the country I have developed much more comfort with making a class my own. This is my practice as I come to the mat.  Kim is helping reinforce that the way I set up an Asana is important.  I need to take the time to make sure I am in the right position for a pose and it will give me much more than trying to rush through and compete with others in a class.

10830797_10154913765635525_8600522414320738548_oMaybe I can learn to do yoga in pink boots, like Harper Ann.

My exercise routine and diet have been off  due to the crazy fall I have had but I hope to change that in the coming week or so before the new year comes. I am starting to feel the lack of routine and healthy eating and I must change that.  The next two weeks provide a bit of a break for me and I am looking forward to stepping back to reassess and plan for the coming year.  I decided a few weeks ago that I will not race in 2015 – or at least I will not register for another half Ironman and I am not planning my season and year as I have the past few years.  There are still many unknowns in my life and I need to concentrate on health and well being rather than on which race I have coming up. It’s all about focus.  I look forward to seeing what is ahead but I really just want to live in the present.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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