A working refrigerator: when it is more than meets the eye

I have been without a working refrigerator for at least a month.  Actually, probably longer. The freezer has not been working for a while and the refrigerator has been iffy. I finally connected with my friend Michael a few weeks to confirm that the compressor was going and would need replacing as well as some other parts. Even then there was no guarantee about how long it would last. This refrigerator had already been repaired after my house was struck by lightning a few years ago. It was time to replace it.

I make big decisions all the time but replacing a refrigerator stopped me in my tracks.  How was I supposed to figure out the size? Cubic feet?? What does that tell me?  I needed to measure the dimensions to figure out the size that I needed to fit in the space in my kitchen. I have listened to friends tell me about their trials and errors with getting the right size refrigerators.  It had to match my other appliances.  That was the easiest part.  While it wasn’t working right I could not rely on it to store food that I needed in order to eat well. That in and of itself should have gotten me to a store to buy a new one. But it didn’t.

I finally looked at various models and sizes online and stopped at Lowe’s earlier this week.  But I still didn’t buy one because refrigerators are expensive and what would I do about delivery?  Deliveries, repairs, and other work at my house are the bane of my existence since I work Monday – Friday with little flexibility to be home to sit around and wait for people who provide any kind of services.

20141115_212727On Friday I was talking to a friend about my refrigerator issue. His response was “it’s a problem to solve.”  He asked me what the real issue was and I finally realized that replacing my refrigerator put me one step closer to putting my house on the market. This is something I have been talking about and contemplating.  I need to put the house on the market in order for some other things to happen. As much as I want the change, it is still insanely frightening in many ways.  I bought the refrigerator on Friday on the way home from work.  It was on sale and I got an extra $100  off because there was a small scratch on it that I noticed.  The refrigerator was delivered today and my old one hauled away.  Now the wall next to the refrigerator finally needs to be painted but I am one step closer to the house going on the market. I now also have no excuse not to get back to my better eating habits. I thought the delivery was going to take place this afternoon so I could cook this evening but I did not have the refrigerator in place until after 8 pm. So I will cook tomorrow.  I have a new red lentil and kale soup to try as well as a beet salad. Those two items, along with other healthy food,  will get me back on my path.  Now to tackle my bookshelves.



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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to A working refrigerator: when it is more than meets the eye

  1. Lori Moss says:

    Our very old and original to the house fridge, passed away last July…2 days before our annual Fourth of July party. Mark and I ran out to Home Depot, I saw what I wanted (stainless steel, French door, freezer on the bottom) took that price to ABC Warehouse and got a deal. It was delivered the next day no muss, no fuss. Love my new refridgerator!!!

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