Last time to the lake and other thoughts on a month of rest

Today was the final open water swim of the season. Days are getting shorter, the water is getting colder, and it is time to take a few months off from the open water. I will miss it and the Tribe, my friends who I swim with each week.  Today I really needed to swim. My back was bothering me a little for some reason and I knew just getting in the lake would fix that.  At first I was going to wear my wetsuit like most of the rest of the group.  But the water was 74 degrees and I just didn’t want to hassle with the wetsuit.  So I went in without.  74 may sound warm, but it is enough to shock you when you first dive in.  It took a few minutes to get acclimated but then I was fine.

I don’t usually backstroke in the lake, but today I did for a short distance.  It’s a different perspective and certainly different than backstroking in the pool and looking at the rafters.  It took a little while to find my pace and rhythm today and relaxing with the backstroke helped. I resumed freestyle. I stretched out, aligned my core and felt the wonder of my stroke pulling the water back towards my body as I moved forward.

lk tuscaloosa

October has truly been an off month this year. I was tired from a hectic schedule of training and racing over the past year.  I have not done much since Augusta and it is really time to get back on track.  I’ve enjoyed a bit of a break though. I have not felt bad when I didn’t train for a day or two.  I’ve slept in, read books, shopped, caught up on a few things.  I resumed my yoga practice after 8 years of not practicing yoga.  It has been good for body and soul.  I am still working out kinks in my poses and re-learning but it is coming along.  I’ve ridden my bike a few times, been in the pool,  and started lifting weights again.  I think I have only attempted one run since Augusta. I have no real desire to sign up for even a 5k right now.  Obviously, it was time for a break.

But, as I said, breaks come to an end and I need to get back to work.  Not training can only last so long for me these days before I start to also feel the negative impact of not feeling as good and of struggling with weight again.  So, come November, I will be back on my schedule though I am in no rush to race for a while.  I’ll enjoy a few more days of rest.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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