Kids + dirt=Vegetables! Druid City Garden Project

One of my very favorite projects is the Druid City Garden Project.  They are focused on teaching children about healthy eating, sustainability and  entrepreneurship through teaching gardens at schools.  It is a way to teach science and math to children that is fun and practical. There are now gardens at several schools in Tuscaloosa.  This past Saturday I experienced the joy of assisting with building raised beds at the Tuscaloosa Magnet School for their new garden. We worked alongside and with the children who will benefit from the gardens.  It was a fantastic morning.

I love this project because the staff and volunteers don’t just talk about the importance of health and providing children with opportunities to learn about and experience healthy eating, they carry out the mission and make it happen.  I have heard a number of stories from Lindsay Turner, the executive director, about children’s amazement when they pull up a carrot for the first time or eat a vegetable they never knew existed or work at the farm stand. I have purchased organic beets and kale from the Market that were wonderful and tasted so much better because I knew the work that had gone into growing and producing them.

Teaching children better habits will help them as they grow up.  Hopefully it will help prevent or lessen childhood obesity as well as other diseases that we are now seeing as a society in younger people and children.  Action and positive role models make a difference.

DCGP relies on volunteers as well as staff to carry out their mission.  Join in. If you are not familiar with the project, check out the link in the first sentence.  And buy a ticket to the Garden Party on September 14th, the DCGP major fundraiser.

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