Things that make my heart smile: Wrap up of Tri Camp

I had planned on writing my usual race report kind of wrap up about my weekend in Augusta for Tri Camp.  You know, two swims in the river with a PR on Saturday (32 min.), a run that was not so great, and a ride that got me back in the saddle physically and mentally.  I nailed nutrition this weekend, on and off the course, and was able to get some advice about treating my knee pain. And before I miss this point:  TriCoach Georgia puts on a fantastic camp.   Brian Patterson did an awesome job and the TriAugusta club was their usual gracious and amazing selves, welcoming everyone to town.

Then I saw this on the Augusta 70.3 page that I follow:

“We really enjoyed helping out yesterday at the Ride for a Reason. It was really great for my daughters to see so many strong women athletes out there. They kept talking about all the girl riders on the way home. Well done Ladies!! Nothing against the men, I’m sure they will be talking about them soon enough lol.”

That made my whole weekend worthwhile.  It made my heart smile … and sing a little too.  One of my passions is being a role model for girls and encouraging girls to be strong. There were many strong women cyclists on the course on Sunday – far stronger than I am. I am so glad the girls noticed and that we were good examples.  It reminds me once more that we never know who is watching and who we influence – or how we influence them.

pine log rd

Stopping at the aide station.

Millie and Katie

Millie and Katie

So, that made my weekend.  But there was more that made the weekend great. When Katie Hansen saw that I was coming to camp she offered me a place to stay for the weekend.   That was so sweet.  I had a great time hanging out with her, her family and her fur babies.  I appreciate that her son, Justin, gave up his room for me for the weekend.  Katie and I shared book titles, talked about scrap booking, and about racing. Such a fun time!

I saw lots of old friends and met several new friends.  I connected in person with people who I have been chatting with on Facebook.  It was great to finally meet Lester Benitez, who has been so supportive and gave me some great advice on timing nutrition for my races last year. I also met Stephani, who coaches with my friend Neal, and met my cousin’s friend, Debbie.  (We tried to get her to come.  Next year, Dionne!)  Of course, my faithful buddies from TriAugusta were there too –  too many to name but I always have to mention Jeff Spires who is so fantastic to everyone from out of town.  I loved seeing Lisa, Allison, Kim and Charlie, and so many other people.

Lester, Devon, and Jeff.

Lester, Devon, and Jeff.

Julie and Stephani - post ride

Julie and Stephani – post ride







Carrie rescued a kitten during the ride.

Carrie rescued a kitten during the ride.

A huge group, organized by Shawna Block, went to dinner on Saturday night.  It was lots of fun to hang out with everyone.

Tri friends

Tri friends

And last, but not least,  I got photo bombed by Jason Stine!  (all around great guy and my friend Shawna’s dorky coach, who we all love and love to tease).


Shawna, Jason, Millie

I met so many other great people.  It was a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing many people back in Augusta in 7 weeks and cheering for those who are racing Chattanooga on the same day.  It will be another great weekend.  I’ll end the post with something I saw on a car during the run on Saturday.  It really circles back to the point that made me weekend.  Be strong.  Be who you are.  You are beautiful.

be your own kind of beautiful





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