Barb’s Race, part 3: The rest of the trip

After the race I eventually made my way back to the Applewood Inn. I think everyone from the She Does Tri team was present for the awards ceremony to see Krista Schultz receive 1st place in her age group and K.C. Cloyd receive 2nd place in her age group.  We took a IMG_149288838689579group photo (but Molly was missing) before we parted.

greta and kristaIt was great to see everyone since I can’t make it to Luray this year.  I didn’t make it to the party because I still did not feel well Saturday night, mainly from my sunburn.

On Sunday I had two things planned.  The first was a photo shoot for an article that will appear in Diabetic Living next March.  They found my blog, interviewed me about the changes I have made, and decided to include me in a story about women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who started exercising and changed their lives.  Since I was going to be at Barb’s Race they asked if I would do the photo shoot while I was in Calfornia.  I met Sara Sanger in Santa Rosa for the photo shoot.  She was fun and great to work with,  plus she has a great dog and a few cats so I got some animal love along with the photos. Rochelle, who did my make-up, was from Flint so we talked about Michigan.  It is always fun to talk to someone who actually knows where places like Grand Blanc are located.  Sara started in her studio and then we went out to shoot some photos near a vineyard and on bike trail. Her sister Danielle was assisting her and took a few photos for me of the photo shoot.

photo shootI had scheduled a massage at the spa at the Inn for Sunday afternoon. After reading about all the massage therapists, I requested Douglas. Very good choice. It was the best massage I have had in ages. It was so good that I scheduled another one for Monday.  He also gave me some excellent suggestions for places to stop along the coast on my Monday afternoon drive.

goat rockI drove north of Jenner first to the overlooks and then turned back and stopped at Goat Rock for a while. I continued on to Bodega Bay, stopping at a few other beach spots along the way. In Bodega Bay I found a small coffee shop and the rest of my inspiration for the Advent devotional that I needed to finish. It was a wonderful and peaceful afternoon and perfect way to end my trip.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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