Tri again: Another half

This weekend is Barb’s Race, another 70.3 triathlon.  I am out there trying again.  This time I will finish.  I drove the bike course today and it has more hills than I anticipated (define rolling, please!).  But there are not any that I can’t ride.   The river looks great.  I drove the run course without realizing it and it didn’t seem too bad.

I rented a bike for the race instead of hauling my own bike on a plane. It is a very nice bike.  I was momentarily disappointed that it was not the Cervelo that I thought I had rented, but the BMC is pretty sweet.  I do need to ride a little tomorrow because the shifting is different and I need to make sure I know what I am doing.  bike

So, here I go again.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Tri again: Another half

  1. Mari Ruddy says:

    You can do it Millie!! It’s mostly mental, since you’ve done all the training, so your body is ready!!! One thing I do in all my long events, is have a few handy mantras. Some of my favorites: “Body, I love you.” “Body, you are strong, you can do this, keep moving body!” “Long and Strong” (on the swim!) and on the bike: “Perfect circles. I love the hills.” And for the run “One step at a time.” I also often think about everyone and every thing I love. I say “I love ….” and it keeps me going!!!

    I love forward to your race report!


  2. Kim Bragg says:

    Millie, I know that you are going to do great. Just remember to race your race and don’t worry about what the other folks around you are doing. You’ve got this! Just think about all those people still sitting at home on their couch and how much stronger you are today than last month, last year. God Speed!

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