“Say Yes…and the details follow”: Summer Institute at the Center for Reconciliation

Followers on Facebook and Instagram know that I have been at Duke University for the past week. I did not talk much about where I was spending my vacation. For some reason, I felt that I wanted to hold it close before I went. I had not planned on posting while I was gone either but I could not help but share the surprises of the week and part of what God was doing in my life via social media. This is only a brief overview of the week. I am sure that I will be writing more in the weeks to come.worship

The Summer Institute at Duke Divinity is sponsored by the Center for Reconciliation. I am not sure that I entirely understood what I was getting into when I went, and I am not sure I totally understand what my role is in the work going forward. There is much to do and I know that I am going to be discovering where I fit. I know at the heart of the work is love – for Jesus, for one another and for the world.


Each day had a theme: New Creation, Lament, Hope, Spirituality, Sending. Each day began and ended in worship that deepened my faith. Languages of participants from 16 countries surrounded us as we sang and prayed . During the day we listened, learned and studied. There were discussions with brothers and sisters engaged in work of reconciliation around the world. We prayed, sang, laughed, and were silent. Meals were a time to develop relationships. Difficult questions were posed by the leaders that I will be reflecting on and praying about dianafor weeks and months to come. Faculty members were generous with time, listened and advised.

On the way home I was blessed to spend time with Diana Collymore who works for John Perkins and JaneIVCF.  We talked about Urbana and I told her about the importance of Urbana to my faith during college.  2015 dates are  on my calendar to return as an alum.  I also had a chance to spend more time with John Perkins while we were waiting for our connecting flights.

The title of this blog came from something William Turner said when he spoke to us in the Common Journey on the day of hope.  I am already seeing the details following a yes that I proclaimed last week.  The gifts of this week were too many to recount here or to try to explain in words. I left with much to reflect upon and will write more about the experience.



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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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