Choices: training

I’ve been thinking about the choices I make this week.  It started last Saturday when I slept quite a bit of the day away, something I once did every weekend.  I was pretty tired but I am still not sure why I was craving that much sleep.  I was up briefly to feed the cat and myself, and then decided to sleep a short while longer. The phone rang around 3:3with bike0 in the afternoon…  At that point I could have just decided the day was a waste and written off anything I had planned, let alone a workout. But I packed up my tri bike and gear and headed out to ride. That day I rode 30 miles, averaging around 17-18 mph.  It was a great ride and I was very glad the phone rang to wake me up and that I made the choice to ride instead of go back to sleep or just sit around.

Yesterday my triathlete friend, Shawna Block, posted  an entry called “No, I don’t want to come out and play.”  She nailed what I have been thinking lately, especially in relation to some comments I have received regarding training (Can’t you do that some other time? Well, no.) If I need a  long ride then I usually have to do it on the weekend.  I don’t like riding by myself if I have a choice but I will.  Lately I have trekked to Oak Mountain to ride because there are hills and even if I am by myself there are so many cyclists in the park that I am never really riding alone. That means at least an hour drive each way though plus the time I set up my bike, ride, and repack my car. In other words, it is a whole day.

Shawna makes several good points about training and scheduling.  Last week I trained around 10 hours. Training takes a lot of time, but it is not just the training part – it’s the getting ready and then all the things you need to do after.  (This reminds me that I really need to clean my bike.) As most of you know,  I cook for the week on Sunday night.  I also prep for the next day the night before.  That includes packing my lunch and food for the day, packing my gear for training,  and if I am riding getting my bike in the car.  If I am training after work I have to think about anything I need for hydration or fuel, depending on what I am doing and how long the workout will be  With the exception of my lunch, everything gets put in the car the night before so I am ready to go in the morning.   I get up at 5 am which means I really should be sleeping right now. Generally I am in the pool or at the gym by 6 am except on Thursday when I have Rotary in the morning.

There was a fair amount of discussion generated by Shawna’s post and some of it had to do with balance.  I think both of us understand balance in life.   I have other things in my life besides work and training even if it doesn’t seem like it.  Still the races that I have on my calendar for the year and training for them are one of my priorities right now.  I am picky about who or what gets the spare time I have left because I don’t have time to waste right now.  As Shawna also said, scheduling is a key component.

I’ve thought about how long I will participate in races.  I’m really not sure.  With the addition of the mountain bike, I am considering Xterra races for next year so something will need to shift.  Time will tell what shifts and how I juggle time and my life.  Stayed tuned.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Choices: training

  1. Shawna says:

    Thanks Millie for the link and for the compliments. I enjoyed reading this. No I must go to bed as I have a long swim in the morning!

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