Jump! Facing fear feet first

Monday I faced one of my biggest fears – jumping off a dock into water.  I have been jumping into the deep end of the pool but jumping into the lake is another story altogether.  As I thought about it last night, I could not recall a time when I had ever jumped off a dock in my life – until yesterday.  I had talked to Sam about jumping off the dock and practicing because Capitol of Dreams is coming up again and this year I do not want to be stuck on the boat.

On Monday I went to the end of the dock, looked down, and froze. I walked back to the group and waited for everyone to get ready.  I had decided to use the swim float on Monday because I am re-acclimating to the open water and was still not feeling as confident as I wanted to feel.  We walked back to the end of the dock.  I watched Sam fly off into the water – no big deal.  I stood there looking.  Ever patient Sam started talking me through jumping and encouraged me.  When I said I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, he said he was right there and it would be ok.  I was just about to back out when Kim stepped up to the edge, paused and then jumped in.  I watched her and thought how easy it looked. And then I followed, jumping in the water, feet first, not drowning and not having a heart attack.

My swim was slow on Monday but by the end I felt my confidence returning.  As I swam back to the dock my stroke felt stronger.  When we went back out for another short swim,  I felt even better in the water.  I have a few more weeks until my first open water race and jumping off a boat.  I’ll be ready this year.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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