Celebrating Saturdays

This morning I ran the Mayor’s Cup 5k for the second time.  The weather was beautiful and the course was great.  There were bands, the Marine Corp, Big Al and cheerleaders along the course to cheer for runners.

I picked up my packet and bib yesterday.  Buffalo Rock was there giving away drinks too and I snagged a Grapico, a drink I had not heard of before I moved to Alabama. I dongrapico‘t let myself have it too often, but I really love it.

I put everything out so I was ready for morning. mayors cup


Race time!

This is my third 5k this year, with one being part of the Rebelman Triathlon.  My running times have not been great but I was hoping that I would have a decent time today since the course is fairly flat (though we do have some sneaky false flats all over this town).  In the first mile I did not feel like I was running very fast and was a little discouraged.  I turned that around though as I thought about being able to run when others couldn’t, when I couldn’t a few years ago, and thought about Meg Menzies.  This all helped me keep going and pick up my pace.  I looked ahead and ran towards landmarks – fairly easy when Denny Stadium is clearly visible from a distance.  I also remembered something that a Facebook friend posted a few weeks ago – to celebrate the finish line.  I looked for the photo but I could not find it  to include in this post.

finisherI was actually quite happy with my time.  I finished in 44:59 with a 14:31 pace.  My mile splits were all negative splits : 15:16, 14:43, 14:34.  This was about 5 minutes faster than the other 5k I did and over 13 minutes faster than the 5k in my triathlon.  I ran the entire course without walking. That was a real accomplishment.  My current goal for my run time is in sight.

I’m glad I did this race.  Tomorrow is the 3rd year anniversary of the tornado that destroyed so much of Tuscaloosa.  It was good to be part of something that celebrates what is good here and to look around and see how far we have come since 2011. There were about 1200 runners today, many children from local schools.  I love seeing so many children out running.

N+1: Mountain bike time

Saturday afternoon I went to BikeLink to pick up my new mountain bike. I love it. I need to get used  to the slightly different clipping in on the mountain bike.  The clips are a different kind than what I have on my road bike. I practiced a little in the parking lot behind the store.  Joe and Geoff got everything set up and adjusted for me so I am ready to start riding.  Now I just have to find time.

JettI will find time to catch up on my trip to Tampa and my progress with eating right. I’m doing a pretty good job with it.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Celebrating Saturdays

  1. Gloria says:

    Gosh I wish we were neighbors. I need help to get motivated and am starting at ground zero. You would be so encouraging and helpful. Millie, I am at my biggest weight ever, and so much is just getting older, and slowing down. I even notice my energy level is lower. Oh well, I just need a Millie in my life. Way to go. I love reading your accomplishments and how honest you are about everything.

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