No excuses: 14 weeks to Barb’s Race

14 weeks – that’s all – 14 weeks until Barb’s Race, my next half Ironman.  I have work to do.

This past week I got mad at my run – at how slow I have been and I had a great run on Thursday. (By my standards, it was great.  I had negative splits every mile.)  I still have far to go and probably won’t get there by July 26.  My goal is to finish the half marathon though, which means I will finish the race.

Yesterday I worked on riding hills at Oak Mountain. I have a lot of work to do on hills and I need to get mad at them too. Today I had a flat, fast ride, averaging 18-20 mph most of the way.  I felt the work I have done in the pool transferring to the bike.

And here I go with irony…I have felt really good in the pool lately, especially when I am actually awake for my swim.

My main work is on hills, riding and running, and on getting faster on my run.  Then there is eating.  I really need to become consistent with my eating again.  I am pretty good most of the time but that isn’t good enough.  I need to find that consistent place where I ate well all the time.  My weight has been going up and down lately and it has been driving me nuts.  I have to thank Kat Cooper, fellow triathlete and Facebook friend for her recent blog. Reading it made me realize that I just need to commit and get back on my plan all the time. No excuses.

I have a plan.  I’m prepared for the week ahead and will go at this one week at a time.  A few weeks ago I began using My Fitness Pal to track my eating and exercise.  Of all the trackers I have used over the past few years (and for many years), I think I like it best so far.  It allows me to set calorie goals and to set percentages for carbs, proteins and fats, which has been helpful.  This past week I wasn’t really on track though and was using a bunch of deadlines as a poor excuse.  I simply had not prepared for the week though.  That meant I grabbed what I could from take out a couple of days.  That is never good for me.  Foods that seem healthy often are not as healthy as they look or appear. But I need to put that behind me and go forward now.

I made this tonight to have for breakfast this week:  Quinoa Breakfast Pots

quinoa breakfast potsMy lunch is packed with healthy, good food.  And I have my dinner for tomorrow night planned.  I also have a plan for the rest of the week.  I can do this.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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