Real food for the Ride: Feed Zone Portables

Tomorrow I am participating in the Old Howard 100 again.  I won’t ride 100 miles tomorrow, but I will ride at least 45 miles.  There are great rest stops on this ride but with my issues with gluten I decided that I will carry some nutrition with me. This presented a great opportunity to experiment with the Feed Zone Portables some more.

I made two recipes.  Red Lentil Rice Cakes and Nut Butter Cookies. redlentilrice cakes

I started with the rice cakes.  This recipe has red lentils, sticky rice, and vegetables in it. It sounded pretty good and easy. I also had most of the ingredients already.

I put the rice and lentils in my rice cooker and waited for them to cook. The rice and lentils turned out perfectly.  I do love this contraption!  While the rice cooker did it’s magic, I sauteed the vegetables that would be mixed in.

ricevegetablesThe tricky part comes after the mixture cools in the pan. Wrapping gifts has never been an issue for me, and wrapping rice cakes is similar. Not the same though. It took wrapping most of the 15 rice cakes to figure it out.  I’ll get it with practice.   I sampled them and they are really good.  I am looking forward to having these in my pocket on the ride tomorrow.


The other recipe I tried was for Nut Butter Cookies. These are gluten free and vegetarian. I used almond butter but any kind of nut butter can be used.  The cookies look small but they are really dense and will be another good little fuel on the ride tomorrow or Sunday.

nut butter cookies



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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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