Ad by ad: Regaining my run

I am finally back to running again, but I have some ground to regain.  A month off doesn’t do much for speed especially when I am not speedy to start with.  Last week was the first week that I completed both runs on my training because I finally felt well enough to run.  Tuesday went pretty well.  Thursday was a struggle but mainly because my knee was acting up.  On Sunday I had been scheduled to run the Publix Half Marathon but cancelled because I was not trained for it.  So I decided it was another run day.  It was a gray and gloomy day so I headed to the gym and thought that I would either run the track or get on a treadmill. I decided to start on the treadmill and see how it went.

publix halfI don’t really mind the treadmill as much as some people do.  I have really only been running on them for about a year.  What I find is that it helps me with my pace and to realize that I really can run faster than I think I can.  On Sunday I decided that I would run 40 minutes.  I started with a slower pace but only stayed there for 3-4 minutes and dropped it.  It felt pretty good and I soon realized I was close to half way finished.  March Madness was on the television right in front of me.  The Stanford game was just ending and Kentucky was about to start – if the ads ever ended, that is.  That was one of the ways I progressed on Sunday – ad by ad.  I realized that each ad was roughly a minute, though some were shorter.  There seemed to be at least 5 ads between a few minutes of commentary.  So I clicked off the time by watching the ads, waiting to see if there would ever be a game on to watch.  I pushed the pace to a faster speed again around 30 minutes.  It still didn’t feel too bad.  When I was getting near 40 minutes I decided to see if I could go longer and faster.  I made it another 4 minutes at a faster pace.  Then I slowed down for a total of 50 minutes.

This was not all as easy as it might sound.  I fought myself mentally during the first half of how farthe run.  At 20 minutes I thought I might only do 30 minutes. I argued with myself.  I thought “what would Theresa do? Yup, she would do what she planned and push a little more.”   (Theresa is another one of Sam’s clients.  She blogs here: and she inspires me.)  I kept going.  Once I hit 30 minutes, I knew I could make it 40 minutes.  One of the really good things was that I was able to keep running without pausing the treadmill to regroup.  While I don’t mind it now that I am used to running on it, I do often have to pause and get myself going again.  On Sunday I didn’t though.  The treadmill kept going and so did I – the whole 50 minutes without a single pause.  I was watching my heart rate rather than distance and was able to maintain z2 and get up to z3.

Overall, it felt great and was a nice burst of confidence for my running.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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