Decisions: changing plans

A few weeks ago I had to make a decision about the Publix Half Marathon that is next Sunday.  Since I was sick most of the month of February, I didn’t get many miles in.  I swam quite a bit and was able to ride a couple of times but running was quite difficult due to the hypothermia, congestion and cold that hung on.  So I decided that I will not be running this year.  I did receive a deferral for 2015 so that was nice.  At the same time I decided that I was not going to go to Raleigh for the 70.3. It was the first of three 70.3’s I had on my schedule for the summer and fall.  As Sam said to me – 1) one 70.3 is enough and 2) he needs to figure out how to keep me off the internet so I don’t register for races. 

I still have several races on my calendar this year, starting with the Rebel Man Sprint in three weeks. This will be my third time at the Rebel Man and I am looking forward to improving my time though I do need to get some runs in before April 6.  Image

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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