Skratch Labs Taste Agent 2014!

A few weeks I posted on Facebook that I had been selected as a Skratch Labs Taste Agent for 2014.  Between travel and being sick, I haven’t had a chance to post much more.

I started using Skratch Labs products last year.   I was having problems with getting enough sodium.  Skratch Labs contains more sodium than the product I had been using plus their products are made from real fruit, not a bunch of chemicals.  It worked and I have not had problems with bonking during races and training since. I guess I need to refill the jar. Yup, I really use this product and believe in it.

skratch bottles

I also discovered the cookbooks: Feed Zone and Feed Zone Portables.  I’ve tried some of the recipes from Feed Zone and will be exploring and writing about recipes from Feed Zone Portables as I gear up my training this spring.


So, I get to use a great product that I believe in, talk about it, and am supported by a great company during the coming year.  It’s a great thing all around.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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