#megsmiles = Meg smiles: Running for something beyond all of us

megsmilesI feel a need to write something about the outpouring of support from the running and endurance athlete community this week for a woman who most of us did not know. It has been difficult to figure out what to say, however.

Last Monday Meg Menzies was out for a morning run with her husband, Scott.  A drunk driver hit and killed her. She left her husband and three young children as well as countless family and friends.  Meg was a mother, a pre-school teacher at her church, a runner and loved God.  I did not know Meg but I have learned about her life this past week as I have read posts and stories about her life and family.

Over this weekend well over 90,000 (yes, 90,0000) people logged miles running and walking all over the world in Meg’s honor.  Why has her death hit all of us in this way, that we would run in honor of a woman we had never met?  There are answers for each person who laced up shoes yesterday or today and ran or walked. Several inspiring stories have been shared by others who have been in accidents or who have been injured but are determined to continue.  Every runner and endurance athlete knows the day in, day out effort it takes to train. I have seen many of my friends posting their miles for Meg.

I ran 8 miles yesterday and thought about Meg and the family she left behind. It could have been any one of my dear friends who go out to run or ride, or me.  I have friends who have been hit by cars while out on the roads and have survived, thankfully,despite injuries.  Staying safe is always on our minds.

I was also reminded of my brother who was killed 23 years ago by a drunk driver. He was walking home when the car hit him and he died several hours later.  A second car also hit him, driven by a young father who had his son with him.  Our hearts went out to him and God provided a way for us to let him know that.  That may sound odd, but we did not blame that driver for my brother’s death.  I have good memories of Doug and will carry them with me the rest of my life.

This morning I thought about Meg and about my brother as I listened to the sermon titled “Can I Get a Witness?”  run for GodEach of them were a witness in this world.  My brother had a somewhat tragic life, but a big heart and touched many people’s lives.  Meg, the woman so many of us ran for this weekend, touched the hearts of thousands of people she never met.  Keep running for Meg and for the other Meg’s whose names we don’t know.  Let us hope that this raises awareness about the dangers of  drinking and driving and texting and driving.  Stay safe and alert.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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  1. gloria says:

    wow, so cool to share Millie.

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