Eating on the road

I have mixed success finding healthy foods while traveling.   I’ve done better more often than not the past year. Sometimes the best intentions just don’t work though.  Before I left for this trip I decided that I was going to do the best possible job at finding healthy foods to eat.

Day one

I spotted a restaurant across from the hotel right away.  Something told me that it would carmelized pear saladbe a winner and I was right.  Seasons52 features fresh foods and new seasonal entrees each week. (I did not realize this was a chain and discovered that there is also one in Birmingham.)  Lunch was a white bean soup and a caramelized pear salad.

white bean soup

In the afternoon I discovered a wonderful grocery store near the hotel where I am staying.  I bought fruit, yogurt, and two small pieces of chocolate.  I enjoy finding grocery stores and local markets when I travel. Sometimes that works better than other times, but today it worked.  I know I can easily go back and buy yogurt or other healthy foods.  There is also a restaurant and coffee bar in the store. So, day one of this trip was a win for healthy eating.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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