Small changes add up

grainsIt’s time for all the posts about change and resolutions.  Articles, ads, on and on with “magic” solutions.  But there are no magic solutions. Change is work, day after day.

I’ve read a few articles about small changes.  I particularly like the NYT article “Sustainable Resolutions for your diet” by Mark Bittman.  (Bittman is the author of some of my favorite cookbooks as well.)  I have already been practicing some of the suggestions for a while, and when I do practice them it is much easier to plan meals.  I cook batches of grains, make soups, and cook vegetables.  This planning gets me through days to a week, depending on what I am cooking and how much I make.  Some foods last better than others so it takes some thought and I often cook mid-week as well.  I don’t mind leftovers or eating the same thing for several days so that is not a problem for me.  I have found that it is actually easier because I have food prepared and then can pack my lunches easily and have items ready to add to whatever I decide to eat for dinner.  I have started planning a day ahead again.  In the past one of the things that really helped me was planning a week of meals at a time.  In some ways I have been doing this by the way I cook, but I have not planned every meal out for a week in many years.

thermosAnother small change that I made this week was finally buying a thermos.  Now I can take my coffee.  Hopefully I will keep my coffee drinking to what is in the thermos and not drink more.  I have quit drinking coffee in the past but have always resumed the habit. I decided that I was finally fed up with paying for coffee everyday when I could make it at home and take it with me.  I set my coffee maker to start at 5 am when my alarm goes off so it is ready to pour before I go out the door.  So far, so good.

Finally, a friend posted the photo below on Facebook.  This is really the essence of the changes I have made, big and small.  The changes are not for a few weeks or a few months.  They are the way I want to live my life for my health’s sake.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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