Changing my story

This post was inspired in part by my friend Kindra Hall.  She posted a video for New Year’s (watch it here , really, go watch it) talking about how we each can change our own story.  Her story made me think about my own story as well as the stories I still want to change in the coming year.

I have already re-written my story in dramatic ways – improving my health, becoming active, and completing an additional degree in an area that I am passionate about.  There are four areas where I plan to re-write stories this year. I am excited to see what unfolds in the coming months.

New adventures

Over the past two days I have continued to pursue new adventures.  On Tuesday I went for my first mountain bike ride.  Many of my friends also ride trails but they have scared me somewhat because I see a lot of blood associated with trail riding. I was still looking forward to trying the mountain bike though.  I did wonder if my doctor (or any of the doctor’s in his practice) was in town as I drove to Sokol Park yesterday.

My friend Gary let me use one of his bikes and took on Mountain Bike Ride 1.1 and served as an excellent teacher.


Gary setting up the bike.

First ride done.

First ride done.

I started with a few loops on the road. Mountain bikes are much different than road and tri bikes. I was wearing running shoes because mountain bike shoes are different than road shoes. It now feels very strange not to be clipped into pedals.  Once I had the feel of the bike and the shifting, we headed for the trail.  The Sokol trails are not as difficult as some other trails in the area.   We made several loops around two short sections of trail while I got used to the bike.  I loved it!  Being in the woods on a trail was fantastic.  There were a few muddy spots I had to watch for and I almost had an encounter with a vertical root, but other than that, I had a great ride.  I know this is only 1.1 and I have far to go but I am looking forward to more rides and lessons in 2014.

group shot

Millie, Sam, Gary, Richard

On New Year’s Day, five of us showed up at Lake Tuscaloosa for a swim (4 to swim, one to kayak as a safety boat).  The water was colder than the last time we tried a late season swim (50.5 degrees today).  Even with a long sleeved wetsuit, the water was like ice.   I managed a short swim though and even put my face in this time.  Sam probably had the right idea because he just jumped off the dock and plunged right in.  So my first open water swim is in the books for 2014.

me in the water

I have several goals for the year ahead and I am looking forward to the year.  A friend posted this photo earlier today so I will end this post with it:


That’s it:  Decide to try. See what you accomplish.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Changing my story

  1. amodestou says:

    Thanks for sharing – love to hear about new folks trying out mountain biking. If you continue to enjoy it, do consider trying an Xterra off-road triathlon. By far the most fun and supportive racing out there, in my opinion. Hope you have some more great trail adventures in 2014!

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