New foods: Fun and experimentation

I have tried several new foods in the past year or so including several that I never thought I would eat, let alone really like. The most recent experiment included turnips.  This is not a food I ever considered but I made a really good soup last night that was just right for the rainy weather we are having.  The recipe is in a new cookbook that I received for Christmas – Deborah Madison’s Vegetable Literacy.  This is one of those cookbooks to read as well as cook from.

So the turnip soup went like this:

madolineI finally bought a mandoline after wanting one for quite a while.  I did not chop off a finger using it and I really do love the way it works.

The soup contains turnips, leeks, yukon gold potatoes and carrots. Also bay leaf and thyme are added with the stock.

soup cooking


soup boiling




The soup had an accompanying Gorgonzola butter on toast.  I opted to just add some Gorgonzola and gluten free bagel chips to finish it.

finished soupThe other recipe I tried last night was a Quinoa salad with mango, avocado and tomato. Someone posted this on facebook and it looked good.  The recipe is here. I could not find black quinoa so I opted for red quinoa (after three stores and realizing that if I wanted black quinoa that I would have to drive to Birmingham).  The red worked just as well though.  I need to review my mango cutting skills.  I haven’t cut them up since last winter so it was a bit of trial and error but it worked.  I took the salad to an event today and it was quite popular and being eaten as a dip with crackers as well as a salad.  quinoa salad done

This cooking venture made me realize the number of “new” foods that I have added to my diet: beets, Brussels sprouts, quinoa, farro, pomegranates, mango, to list a few.  I have discovered  number of spices that I had not used regularly. Cooking has always been fun, but I am enjoying experimenting with new foods, combinations, and flavors more than in the past.  Most of all I am enjoying eating what I create and food that is healthy.



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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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