Challenging myself

The first two races I have scheduled for 2014 are half marathons.  For a while I have had a goal of breaking 3 hours. (I know – some of you run whole marathons in that time.)  I haven’t made it yet.  I was on pace to get close this year  but had a difficult time with the final few miles and didn’t make it.  I have fixed the problem I was having at that point by improving my training and racing nutrition over the past 9-10 months.  The first half marathon on my calendar is in 6 weeks and is supposedly flat other than the bridge across the Mississippi.  That gives me hope for a better time but I need to put in some miles between now and then.  The mile time I need to maintain for my goal is between 13-14 minutes. I know that I can, and have, run faster than that since my Achilles tendon surgery, just not for long distances.  The second half marathon is hilly but I know that I can improve my time from last year there as well.  I can tell you exactly where I fell apart on the course and know why it happened.  My goal is to not let it happen again this year.

publix halfA few weeks ago I read one of Dennis Pursley’s columns titled, “Pursley Pep Talks: Expect To Be Challenged | SWIMMING WORLD.”   In this column he wrote about showing up at practice and expecting a challenge rather than an easy workout or being mediocre. I printed the column and have it in my training journal, moving it week by week, to remember that being challenged is the point.  It is sometimes easy to forget when I have not slept well or when I know I have 6 meetings in a row on a day.  I have chosen to train and race, however.  It is a privilege that I am able to do so and I need to remember that the difficult days make it worth the effort. So, my first goal for the year is to break 3 hours in the half marathon.  That will equal about 25 minutes off my best time so far. I will get there.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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