What is your fitness age?

I missed this article in the New York Times when it appeared at the end of October but noticed it when I was catching up on some blog reading this week. What is your “Fitness Age”? discusses a study conducted to determine V02peak from a nonexercise prediction model.  The researchers studied 4,637 healthy participants to come up with their model. (Yes, I went and read the original study as well. It is quite interesting.) There is a calculator in the NYT article so you can see what your V02max and fitness age are without going to a lab.  (I have had V02max testing in a lab but it was a few years ago.)  My fitness age came out to be 26 and my V02max rate fell in the excellent range.  That made me happy.  Later in the day I was thinking about this and wondered what my fitness age was a few years ago so I went back and calculated based on my weight (+160)  and activity (next to none).  I was stunned – it was worse than I anticipated.  My fitness age three years ago was over 75 and my V02 max was poor (that was no surprise).  One of the things Dr. Laubenthal has said to me several times in this journey is that I have added years to my life. It seems that I have added quite a few years.  So, at 53 in actual years, my journey continues because there are more goals to meet in 2014.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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