Day Three – Augusta – The rest of the day

St. Paul’s Episcopal, TriAugusta and the awesome FB group deserve a post of their own. So, here it is.

Overall, Augusta welcomed the triathletes, but St. Paul’s and TriAugusta were exceptional.  On Saturday night there was a pasta dinner at St. Paul’s and then they opened the church at 5 am on Sunday morning so athletes and their family and friends had a place to hang out before the race started.  The Rector prayed for the athletes on Sunday morning before the race – a way I like a race to begin.

St Paul's - what an example of radical hospitality!

St Paul’s – what an example of radical hospitality!

The pasta dinner was a chance to get together with people I had only met once in August or only met virtually.  As Paul Corley mentioned on our FB page, it was kind of odd to have people come up and know who I was before I introduced myself or realized who they were.  But that was how the weekend went.  There were very supportive and friendly people everywhere.

Dinner at St. Paul's

Dinner at St. Paul’s

The TriAugusta club welcomed us, set up training and practice weekends all summer and in the days before the race.  I do have another post planned about people I met but I will mention a couple here.  Jeff Spires is exceptional in the help, advice, and joking he has provided. Val Gilson helped me through a ride in August, was there to help me put on TriTats this weekend, and encouraged me on the course and after.  Carrie Brooks and Katie Brooks Hansen, you are the best – talented, beautiful, encouraging.  I don’t mean to leave others out.  The whole club was amazing.

At dinner a check was presented to Team RWB members Joel and Jillian O’ Malley, from the sales of the gator shirts.  It was a special moment.

Jackie and Paul presenting the check

Jackie and Paul presenting the check

And there were cookies. What began as a joke turned into hundreds and hundreds of wonderful homemade cookies (but I don’t think Jackie is going to make pie next year).

I think I have two more posts about Augusta. But this is it for tonight.

Note the half Mdot cookies in the center.

Note the half Mdot cookies in the center.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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